Blogging Basics and Growing Your Blog

Most entrepreneurs on Maui have by now heard the importance of blogging for business.  Some have just started and working their way into developing their blogs, while others have tried and stopped.   The most popular reason for quitting blogging is “lack of time” but there are also others like “no one reads my blog” and “I am just not good at writing“.  My experience and observation tells me that many quit too early.  To help aspiring bloggers get a good start and persevere, I created an outline on the basics of blogging and how to make them grow.  May many find this helpful:

I. Basics:

A. Know your goal in blogging

  1. Personal Satisfaction – Expression of Creativity; Sharing Your Hobby or Passion; want to meet new friends, etc.
  2. To Promote My Business – should still be passion related
  3. Be A Professional Blogger – gain income through blogging
  4. For 2 and 3 – your blogging standard would be higher: own URL; correct grammar and spelling;  disclosures; site references, need a good web design.

B. Establish a benchmark and set a growth goal – where is your blog at in the beginning (or at this time)

  1. Where are you at:. Find out from: / /
  2. Establish a short term goal. ex. increase daily visits by 3
  3. Establish a long term goal.  ex. 10,000 page views a month

C. Install an analytic tool in the blog to help monitor growth

  1. SiteMeter – easier to use but limited
  2. Stat Counter –
  3. Google Analytics  (most used by professionals)
  4. Blog Rankings – Page Rank; TopBlogsites, etc.

II. Promotion and Growth

1. Know basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why? because Google will bring visitors to your blog.

  1. The blog name you choose is important
  2. The title of your post  is important
  3. Pictures / photos has to be labeled and or tagged.
  4. Tag your posts
  5. Use key words – don’t get carried away but don’t neglect either
  6. … and many more

2. Content is the king

  1. Write interesting content (interesting to you and your reader).  Be human. Sure key words are important but don’t overdo it.  Write with passion. Write with humor if you can (and it’d appropriate).  Be technical only if it’s a technical blog.
  2. Write Well  – for blogs, it does not have to be too formal – it can be talk strory kind but following basic rules of punctuation, grammar and spelling is important.
  3. A 250 word post is good.  If less, maybe add photos; if more decide into several posts. If not too long but long enough, chunck it.
  4. Words are good but adding photos, videos or slideshows greatly enhance the content. Don’t overdo.

More about blogging content HERE.

3. Participate actively in social media

  1. Blogging Community
    1. Find blogs related to your blog.  Read them and comment on it. Add them in your Blogroll.  Subscribe in their feeds or e-mail newsletter.  Be friends with the other bloggers.  Make an effort to get noticed by influencial bloggers – be friends with them. LINKS are important
      1. Participate in Blog Carnival and Memes
      2. Create some loyal commenters by commenting back on their comments.
  2. Facebook –
    1. Know Facebook Pages relevant to your blog.  Engage there.  If the administrator allows others to post on their wall, post relevant links to your blog.  Do not overdo.  Do this only when you already have established relationship with the owner of the page.  ex.  there are many existing MAUI pages on FB.
    2. Make sure you have “LIKE BUTTON” on your post.  You’ll be amazed how that would help promote your blog.
  3. Twitter –
    1. Tweet a link to your blog post.  If you get a lot of RT’s, you’d hit a jackpot! :) Make sure you have the Tweet button.
    2. Follow famous bloggers and social media “true experts” and learn from them.  They will usually tweet out helpful links.
  4. Other Social Networking and Social Marking Tools – YouTube; LinkedIn; Diggs;
  5. Forums and Discussions
  6. Attend Meet-ups
  7. List blog in blog directories

4. Promote in Other Media

Utilize other forms of media like newspaper; radio, e-mail etc.. Especially on Maui where many are a bit behind technology, print media is still a good way to promote your blog.


About the Author

This outline post is written by Liza of A Maui Blog to assist the MauiSMUG new bloggers in their desire to grow their blog.  One of Liza’s passions is helping others succeed in their businesses by leveraging the use of the new media., particularly blogs and Twitter.  For further questions and  inquiries, you may contact Liza on her contact page, or leave a comment below.

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